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Simple Pleasures

Title:  Simple Pleasures


Characters: Jack/Ianto,
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, it belongs to RTD (sadly) and the BBC.

Spoilers: General Torchwood spoilers.
Rating: PG13  (in case I forgot about something) 

Summary:  One of the simple pleasures they’d found to do together was cooking.

Part of the Pterodactyl Jones Verse, set about a century after the events of A Day in the Future.

Written for the longliveianto Cliche Bingo challenge.

Cliche Bingo Prompt: Cookin
g Together

A/N... It's the last day of the challenge and I FINALLY have a line.

Simple Pleasures

One of the simple pleasures they’d found to do together was cooking.

It was one of the first things he’d taught Ianto after finding him at that Warehouse. That was of course after Owen had given him a complete physical, Tosh had set him up with an Earth identity that would fool MI5 and both he and Suzie had given him weapons training. But all that was another story.

No cooking was the first thing they’d done together that did not involve establishing himself in the world. After all most human’s today didn't even know how to cook. They ordered take aways or ready meals or got a chicken breast, threw it in a pan to fry with a side order of oven chips.

Not many people baked unless it was a special occasion. People were too busy now to do things the long way, they preferred their hot chocolate ready made and their food fast. But to people with a lot of years in front of them like he and Ianto, there was nothing better than taking their time making something truly wonderful. Whether that be food or something else they hadn’t actually done yet.

Not that teaching Ianto to cook had been easy.

There were no such things as ovens in Ianto’s own world. Neither microwaves, pots or pans or any other human utensil designed to make things easier. They cooked over open flames using flat rocks in place of pans, or maybe by baking a fish that had been wrapped in leaves and buried in hot sands or coals.

It was a long and tiring process, not only to cook but to catch their food. Needless to say Ianto was absolutely fascinated by the way things were done here. When Jack had first taken him to a supermarket he’d thought Ianto would faint.

He’d been very worried about overwhelming the young man. He wasn’t used to their world, only having been there a month and even then he hadn’t seen much of it. He hadn’t been out in large crowds or inside any buildings other than Canary Wharf and the Torchwood Hub. In time he would go to Tosh’s house and even Owen’s to watch movies and things but until then he remained very uncomfortable inside human dwellings. The Hub was considered his safe place, so they did most of their cooking and other things there.

They learned a lot about each other in those early days.

For obvious reasons, Ianto wouldn’t eat an egg. He’d thrown a fit the first time Jack had gone to use one. It was understandable after all, Areisian’s developed in the womb as human children but unlike humans the amniotic sac didn't burst but hardened to form a protective covering for the parent to birth them safely. In other words, an egg! He found it all a little strange but who was he to judge. Ianto’s angry shouting had given him a lot of information on Areisian reproduction in a short amount of time. Their planet was rather dangerous and often the Mother would be caught away from her ‘nest’ (home). In case of rough or quick travel the baby was protected by the egg until the Mother could get to a safe place and carefully break the egg open and see her child for the first time.

So suffice it to say eggs weren’t used for a long time. Ianto did calm down rather quickly when he found out that human’s didn't birth eggs. But it still took him quite a while before he could be talked into trying one. As they argued, if he ate a whole chicken why not an egg.

But that was just one event in a long list of days spent cooking together.

They’d concentrated on meals first, meat and other things that Ianto would recognise. Though it came in different forms than what he was used to, he still understood the benefits of everything given to him. The proteins, carbohydrates and other things human’s ensured they ate as part of a balanced diet, Ianto ate because it kept him healthy.

But when the time came for chocolate. Let’s just say healthy eating went out the window for a while. By this point Ianto was alright eating eggs so they made cakes and buns and pastries and other sweet, unhealthy treats. Baking became Ianto’s favourite thing to do together and as Jack liked cooking and liked Ianto it became his favourite thing to do as well.

Then there was coffee.

On one of their mandatory trips out of the Hub together, to slowly desensitize Ianto to the much louder and stronger smelling Earth, he took Ianto to a little coffee shop. By the end of the short visit Ianto had tried fifteen different drinks and was on a sugar high so high that when he crashed he slept for four days straight.

The next day there was a brand new coffee machine in the Hub and lots of different sacks of beans and syrups and other things that Ianto had seen in the cafe. They all tried to figure out the machine but it was only Ianto (the one with the least amount of mechanical knowledge) who figured out how to work it and produced actual drinkable coffee. Owen’s had been bitter and bitty, Tosh’s too thin and metallic tasting, Suzie hadn’t bothered and his had tuned out like lumpy brown-black goo.

So Ianto became the official coffee maker for the group or ‘tea boy’ as Owen dubbed him. It wasn’t a bad role to have when you tensed up at the sight of bicycles or asked odd or completely inappropriate questions of complete strangers. Like asking a young woman whether her Chihuahua was a sort of rat and whether there was enough meat on its bones to make it worth skinning?

That had been a very uncomfortable conversation. Incidentally that was also Ianto’s first lesson on administering retcon as the woman had screeched so loudly she’d startled Ianto into transforming.

Even now, centuries later that look of adorable confusion on Ianto’s face as he tried to explain the concept of pets still made him laugh.

“Thinking about it again?” His mate asked.

He turned to Ianto and smiled softly, seeing Ianto bouncing their oldest infant child on his knees.

“You always get reflective when you’re pregnant.” Ianto chuckled.

Jack smiled down at his swollen stomach and gave it a soft rub when their little one fluttered his or her wings inside him. It was a much gentler sensation than kicking and as he/she wasn’t doing it against his bladder he wasn’t complaining.

The little bundle of fur behind him on the sofa stirred, yawned and stood, rubbing her back against his head before jumping down to go and get something to eat. As he watched the cat saunter off he couldn’t help feeling happy that he’d managed to talk Ianto around to the idea of pets, no family was complete without a cat, a dog or some other animal. Ianto still wasn’t too keen on Chihuahuas though.

He looked around their newest home. And it really was home, because it was back in the city of Cardiff. The place they’d both met, where they’d had several good friends, raised several sets of kids over the years... the place they always returned to.

It was horrible having to leave after a decade at a time living there but it was necessary to protect their family. With neither him or Ianto seeming to age and having to hide any and all pregnancies, it led to a lot of awkward situations and slowly mounting suspicions. They always had to move on at the ten year mark but sometimes they were forced to leave even quicker, like there recent stay in London. No problems would follow them here but it was only a matter of time before their old neighbour put two and two together.

So they came back here, to Cardiff, just in time for Christmas.

Tomorrow was Christmas Day and all of their older children, the Doctor, his current companions and several friends who were in the know, were coming for the Harkness-Jones family’s legendary Christmas dinner.

He smiled as he felt another little flutter. Many more centuries would pass but he and Ianto would always enjoy cooking together. Luckily for their family and friends they were both pretty good cooks and they had a lot of trial and error horror stories to tell the people who were coming for the first time. Hopefully the Doctor hadn’t already told his companions and ruined his and Ianto’s fun.

Jack grinned. But if he had, there were always plenty of stories about the Doctor...

The End.

A/N... More in this verse soon.

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